Thunder Laser is a company having different sizes of Laser Engraving Machines. The company recommends the importance of understanding the differences in our machines before purchasing. We have different engraving applications and materials. With this, checking the specifications of laser engraver is always recommended. All laser machines are available at Thunder Laser. Thus, this page should help you make informed decisions when making a choice of a laser system.

Best Laser Engraver for small engraving business

Nova24 is a desktop laser engraving machine suitable for starters. It performs duties such as cutting, engraving, and marking. The machine is portable and boasts a 23.6″ x 15.7″ work area. The machine has got a high-speed motor and runs jobs of up to 1,000mm/sec. Nova24 is easy to adjust to whatever suitable work position. Above all, the machine doesn’t need you standing by it until production gets finished. This is because it has got an alarm lamp which gives the ending signal for completed engraving. A green light means the end of an engraving process.

Nova24 is an easy to use engraving machine. It works with almost all software, Illustrator, AutoCAD, and CorelDRAW. You can control the speed and adjust power regardless of the materials the machine works on.

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Most Versatile Laser Engraving Machine

Nova35 is a popular laser engraver with high demands. The machine has a wide cutting area of 35″ and could pass through any standard-size door. This machine also comes with a high-speed hybrid-servo motor and can run jobs at 1,000 mm/sec. With this laser cutter, the laser head moves around all surfaces of materials engraved on. All Thunder Lasers also include an LCD display.

The machine proves perfect for all engraving works which is why it demands are high. Calling the Thunder Laser office is important. This is to check the stock availability of the Nova35 Laser cutter.

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Best Industrial laser cutting machine

Thunder Laser has a laser system that works like the bigger industrial laser cutter. The Nova 51 and Nova63 are the largest machines we offer with a 100w or 130w laser tube. These machines are bigger in size compared to the others. But, it can also be broken in half to pass through a standard door. The machine has got a lot of features, like pass-through doors and Smart Board relay switch, so it is a great laser engraving machine.

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Which is the best decision for a laser engraving machine?

It is important that you know the specifications of any of the above machines . Thunder laser has got a team of experts who can consult with you. They help decide which machine is best at the time and also highlight why it is. Calling or visiting Thunder Laser isn’t a bad idea when trying to get a laser engraving machine.