Venting The Exhaust From Your Thunder Laser

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The exhaust ports on most Thunder Lasers are  Ø5.7″ (145mm). The exhaust blower fan, 2 6M (19.5′) sections of flexible cloth-reinforced ducting, and 3 hose clamps are included with every machine. The nearest standard venting size in the US is  Ø6″ (152.4mm). We recommend a 6″ weighted damper exhaust vent hood for exhausting through a wall. Like the one below: Here is the link: You will need one additional 6″ hose clamp and some duct tape to terminate the connection of the ducting to the vent hood. The difference in diameter makes the exhaust duct a very tight fit but it will adequately engage the rigid ducting.  

Also, watch out for the wire in the ducting as it is very sharp. Trust me on this :).

It is important to get a vent hood with a damper to keep the outside air from entering the laser, especially in the winter. Cold air from the exhaust system can affect the tube temperature. If conditions are below freezing this could be an issue. In colder climates, it may be beneficial to leave the lid up on your machine to help equalize the ambient temperature inside the machine. A spring-loaded damper may be more efficient at remaining completely sealed but if and when the spring fails, the damper is rendered largely ineffective. A weighted damper is less prone to failure. The exhaust system must also be periodically inspected, cleaned, and maintained for optimum performance and safety. More information on preventative maintenance can be found in the operations manual and in our knowledgebase.

For specs on the Nova 35, 51, and 63 Exhaust fan see below:

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