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Why Choose Thunder Laser Machines?

Your Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine research finally led you here.

We believe our high quality products, FREE shipping, and outstanding USA based after-sales service creates a unique opportunity for you to invest in a machine that will outperform your most demanding projects.

 Our commitment to quality in all our products and services offers Thunder Laser customers advantages found nowhere else in the industry. Because of our high standards we've been awarded marks of excellence across the international market, including Europe and America.


To The Lower 48 States
With the direction of the technical experts from Germany we’ve raised the bar even higher than the standard regulations in the industry.
Comparing Competitor Pricing?

Sure, there are plenty of laser cutter brands to evaluate and determine which is best for your needs.  The question then arises, why choose a Thunder Laser Machine? What makes our machines different from the others that are similar in price?  We believe that a combination of feature availability, reliability, AND affordability make for a winning combination with the Thunder Laser Systems.

Expert Laser Cutting Staff Members

At Thunder Laser, we only employee the best laser machine staff to oversee the entire process of design and product development.  When you invest in a laser cutting machine from Thunder Laser Systems, you can guarantee that your getting a product derived from skilled engineers and quality control personnel.  We test and ensure that every machine is of the highest quality and working order to ensure that your getting a product that can immediately be put to use on your next project.

Using A Thunder Laser Machine

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USA based Professionalism and Support

Our USA based support and sales draws a clear distinction between Thunder Laser and other laser cutting machine brands.  With Thunder Laser USA, your not calling a call center. Instead, your speaking with our head of sales and support that will be there every step of the way.  We know that our product is only as good as our customer service, and we are striving to continue establishing an impeccable customer service record. 

Whether the issue is related to upgrading your laser cutting machine’s accessories or troubleshooting with our experienced technicians, your guaranteed an outstanding customer service experience. guaranteed of professionalism being carried out. Thunder Laser Systems has acquired the trust and recognition of FDA experts in the laser industry, particularly for being rated with CE Class l laser safety certification from an authorized body SGS in 2015.

We Care About EVERY Single Laser Machine Customer

As a Customer of Thunder Laser here in the USA, you are not a number.  We genuinely care about your end goal, projects, and productivity that our machines provide.  At Thunder Laser, expect us to answer the phones and help you with any questions or problems you might encounter. As Laser Cutting Experts, we can help with everything from machine support, materials selection, and software design.  We welcome your feedback and hope to build a close relationship with you.  See what our customers have said: Thunder Laser Reviews

Top Performing Machines

The team of experts at Thunder Laser Systems are focused on delivering a top performing product.  As product designers and engineers, we care about longevity, productivity, and reliability. We stay ahead of the laser cutting technology curve to deliver products and accessories that will increase your production and speed at which your projects are completed.

Considering our 80w machine with a Hybrid Servo Motor, our machines are substantially faster than other leading brand manufactures and we stand by the fact that our machines will outperform and outlast our competition.  Get a faster machine at a lower price and with FREE shipping.

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Laser Cutting Safety Standards To Keep You Safe

Operation of a laser cutting machine is not without possible harm or injury.  We have worked diligently to create a laser machine product that embodies the best possible safety standards and features to keep you safe and projects on schedule.  We’ve listed a few of our top safety features below:

  • Visible Red Dot Pointer

Unique to the Thunder Laser Machines is the Visible Red Dot Pointer that keeps you save while enabling a visible laser beam.

  • An open flap protection system

One of the safety features of laser machines available at Thunder Laser is the open flap protection system. This feature prevents incidents of accidents among users while operating the laser cutting machine.

  • Water Protection System

Thunder Laser’s Water Protection System is designed to keep your machine cool if the system happens to malfunction.  This prevents fires and other hazards from occurring.

  • Heat Alarm System

Unavoidable events may arise during the operation of a laser cutting machine such as an incident of accidental fire. Thunder Laser Systems has got you covered for such disaster with the unique feature present in their laser cutters, the Heat Alarm System. This gives the user a warning signal every time the laser cutting machine is used on flammable materials.

  • Alarm Lamp

Among other distinct features, Thunder Laser Systems include the Alarm Lamp that alerts the user to any running issues that have been encountered.

  • Emergency Stop System

In the case of unexpected malfunction or failure while in operation, Thunder Laser system users are protected with an integrated with Emergency Stop System. The user is given assurance that it will automatically shut off in operation if a sudden malfunction occurs, reducing further damage to the unit itself as well as other persons or property.

  • Anti-leak System

Never worry about laser leaks from a Thunder Laser Machine.  Our Anti-leak system ensures that arise because the unit uses quality tempered glass.  With the use of quality tempered glass, the laser is unable to penetrate and cause harm.

  • Keylock security

For customers that wish to restrict the operation of their newly bought CO2 laser cutting machine to trained staff only, the unit has a key lock security feature. How does it work? Only the assigned staff or person authorized to operate is given the custody of keys to open and operate the unit.

  • Hybrid Servo Motors

Our Servo Motors ensure a quick finish to your projects with their 1000mm/second speed.  Get the absolute best in high resolution engraving quality. Our speed rivals the leading brands and ensures your projects are done with speed and precision.

  • Laser Software

We are proud to offer both RDWorks V8 AND LightBurn Software. With these powerful softwares, we guarantee you will have a blast with your new machine.

Have more questions about our Thunder Laser brand of Laser Cutters and Engravers?  We want to hear from you and answer any of your questions. If your on the fence about exactly what you need, let us know by giving us a call.  We would love to discuss your needs and help get you matched with the perfect laser machine product.