Laser Engraving iPhone or Laptop – With A Laser Machine

Electronics engraving is one of the fast growing industries in today’s consumer market.. With the use of a laser machine, any electronics from Android phones, iPhones, tablets, to even laptops can be customized. The demand for laser engraving continues to rise as more people enter the market and become even more creative. People are engraving their devices both as a fashion statement and for safety purposes.

With the different designs that can be engraved on an iPhone, it’s a unique way of self-expression for people these days. It’s an excellent way to stand out. Additionally, people can use laser engraving to engrave something unique, so they could immediately identify their own device.

With this high demand, it’s not surprising that a lot of businesses are making use of laser machine for this purpose. If you don’t have a machine yet, it’s a great time to enter the market and expand your product line. A laser machine could be the product customization you are looking for in your business. 

What can be engraved?

The good thing about laser engraving is almost anything can be engraved. Laser engraving systems today are capable of etching images to devices made of various materials. This includes plastics, acrylics, wood, anodized aluminum, and many others.


You can engrave personal images on an iPhone or laptop. This is great for businesses that offer customized gifts on special occasions. It could also be images you personally create per a client’s request if you are a graphic artist. Clients are sure to be wowed by intricate wood photo engravings on their personal devices!

The process is pretty simple. The engraving system will scan the image then print it on the device using a highly precise laser.

Text, Scripts, and Labels

If your client feels like engraving their name, signature or an inspirational quote, this can be done as well. When Image engraving is a bit to intricate and overkill in terms of what someone wants, a simple text engraving can be the perfect solution. Some prefer it to be as simple as a word or quote. A laser machine makes quick work of these projects and can be produced in bulk as well.


Aside from your regular clients, you can also expand into offering your engraving services to business owners. Businesses use their logo to differentiate their service from others. Having a logo on their high quality promotional products will not only make it more personal, but it also adds value to it.  Some businesses can even benefit from detail and security labeling through laser engraving. These engraved identifiers are not so easily removed and keep tracking simple and secure.

With the use of a thunder laser machine, your business clients will appreciate the quality of engraving due to the high-quality output of our laser engraving machines. The results look amazing and high quality. Logo engraving is very simple and has a very small learning curve. So even if the business needs a high volume of engraving, you could cater to their needs without issue.

Why Electronics Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving on iPhones or laptops has become popular due to its low barrier to entry and high quality machines.

Consistent Quality

With the use of a laser machine, you can be sure that results for every job are perfect. Since a machine handles it, there are less chances of errors. If the first engraving worked, you can expect the next job will work just as well. Plus, for recurring materials or designs, you can have it stored in the machines memory for quick access. This can be a huge time saver and help deliver projects in a timely manner.

Time Efficient

As mentioned earlier, engraving is quick and easy. It’s time-efficient so there is no need to worry when you get a backlog of orders. You can be confident that a machine will speed up your projects significantly.

Turnaround time is really important when it comes to custom product design. As much as possible you want to give clients the quickest turn around time as possible on their orders. Our laser machines are blazing fast and can print as fast as you receive orders. Laser machines in the market have various speed capabilities and it’s important to compare these metrics and determine what is most suitable for your needs.


When it comes to cost per engraving, it would depend much on the laser machine you have. Thunder Laser USA offers laser machines with high-quality engraving at the best price. If you want to invest in this technology that will last a good while and provide the best return on investment, it is best to choose the most dependable laser machine.

Things to Consider in Buying a Laser Machine

Though there are a lot of things to consider in choosing a machine, below are some of the most important.

Quick Positioning Feature

Since most of your clients would want a customized engraving, the laser machine should have a quick positioning feature. It should be easy to find the center point of a certain area to engrave. This way, handling customized orders won’t be complicated. In general, the machine should be easy to use, especially for a new user.

High Quality and High Performance Machine

Quality is very important since most machines are put through a rigorous engraving schedule. When it comes to quality, you need a machine that can run all day with worry that something will go wrong. Producing your products within a quick and reliable time frame builds confidence in your client base and promotes referral business. Our laser machines have been recognized in the international market for its quality and performance with stellar reliability. Check out our customer reviews.

Professional Support

This is also a very important factor to consider. Since laser technology can have somewhat of a learning curve for first-time owners, having a reliable USA based support service is very important. When you call, you should be able to speak with someone who could guide you in dealing with the issues you encounter. The support should be real technicians, not just any call center that records your concern calls you back later. At Thunder Laser USA, we provide that high quality support and ensure all our customers are taken care of from a support and technical perspective.

Machine with Safety Standards

Since laser machines employee high power lasers, machine safety standards are important when it comes to choose the right equipment. This is why it’s very important that the one you choose must feature some safety standards. Some of these features could a visible red dot pointer, heat alarm system and emergency stop feature. The more safety features the machine offers, the better.

Without a doubt, investing in a laser machine for engraving an iPhone or Laptop is a great investment. The important thing is to choose the right laser machine in the market. We would love to help you choose the perfect machine for your needs.

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