Nova 63


The Nova 63 is our flagship model and is available in 100 watt and 130 watt configurations.

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Laser TypeSealed Co2 Glass Laser Tube
CoolingWater Cooled
Motion Control SystemHigh-Speed Hybrid-Servo Motors
Maximum Speed1000mm/S(39.4 IPS)
Speed and Power Control(engraving depth)Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%. Vector color mapping sets speed and power settings using RGB color mapping.
Operating ModesOptimized raster, vector, and combined mode
Resolution(DPI)User controlled from 100 to 500DPI(standard laser head), up to 1000 DPI(HR head)
Computer InterfaceEthernet and USB Connection
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, and Linux (Mac and Linux with LightBurn Software)
Buffer Memory128MB Standard
Display Panel3.5″ LCD panel showing current file, total working time, laser power, speed, etc…
Electrical Requirements110VAC 60 Hz, single-phase, 15-25A Depending on model
Ventilation SystemIntegral exhaust fan. There is 1 output port, 5.7″ (145 mm) in diameter in the rear of the case.