A Few Reasons Why Customers Choose
Thunder Laser vs. Other Brands

Quality Control processes that set our laser machines apart in
quality, affordability, and reliability

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We are first and foremost proud of the personalized support we provide our customers. If you like, we will personally help you set up your machine and run your first few jobs to be sure you are comfortable. Our goal is for you to have a great laser-purchasing experience and get to working with your machine as soon as possible.


So, what separates Thunder from the others in it’s class?

First and foremost, I would point to our Quality Control processes. The Thunder Laser factory is very diligent about testing everything that goes into the machine. Each technician has to sign off on every aspect of the machine to ensure it is working properly. You can read about the quality control process here. Also, any blue parts that you see on our machines, are fabricated by Thunder Laser for the very specific reason of Quality Control.

Next, I would point to the quality of parts. As mentioned earlier, the motors we use are generally a higher caliber than our competitors, which means faster job run times for you.  Meet product demand in a timely fashion.

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