Why I Bought a Thunder Laser (or Why I Didn’t Buy a Glowforge)

thunder laser nova 35 review
22 Sep-2022

After 5 years of doing laser cutting as a hobby at my local maker space, I was finally ready to buy my very own laser cutter! But which one? So many options on the market, from super hobbyist options to the ultra-pro machines, and lots of options in the middle.

One large contender in the space that I had to weigh against my list of requirements was Glowforge. Ultimately, though, I determined they weren’t right for me.

The machine that I decided was perfect for me was the Nova 35 (80 watt) made by Thunder Laser USA. In this video, I’ll discuss all the factors that went into my decision making process and hopefully give you things to think about when you’re considering buying a machine for yourself or your laser engraving business.