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A Superior Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine Brand?

At Thunder Laser, we are dedicated to producing powerful and reliable machines that deliver top quality cutting and laser engraving capabilities.

USA based customer service sets us apart from other brands and we 100% stand behind our warranties, and after sale support.

Building relationships with every one of our customers is so important to us.  No routing your phone calls to a call center, instead we will pick up the phone and discuss your needs as down to earth laser machine experts.

Looking for a quality laser etching machine?  Our product lineup produces outstanding results with consistent reliability and customer satsifaction.


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The Thunder Laser Advantage

Low Price, High Quality

  • Ground-Breaking Technology

    The research and development team at Thunder Laser created the High Resolution head which enables 3D engraving on wood and marking on some metals that were impossible before the ground-breaking invention.

  • User-Friendly

    The intuitive and simple controls and supportive after-sales services from the company mean all Thunder Laser equipment is extremely user-friendly compared to other cutting and engraving laser systems.

  • Large & Small-Scale Capable

    Our laser cutting, engraving, and laser etching equipment is capable of mass-producing numerous products with lightning speed and unwavering quality. It’s also just as simple to create unique, custom pieces on an ad hoc basis.

  • Speed & Accuracy

    The NOVA laser system implements designs and produces finished items with speed and accuracy. Edges are smooth, lines are sharp, and the finished results are exactly as defined by the user with reliable uniformity.

  • Compact Sizing for Small Spaces

    The NOVA laser system offers equipment that is sleek and compact without compromising on quality. Users can possess Thunder Laser equipment no matter the size of the work space, from large manufacturing shops to small project rooms at home.

  • Economic Pricing

    One of Thunder Laser’s top priorities is to make laser cutting technology accessible to anyone. Through dedicated research and effective development they’ve produced equipment that offers high-end performance while maintaining affordable pricing.

  • Domestic & International Access

    Thunder Laser provides products and after-sales service for clients around the world. If you’re in the U.S. you can contact us here in the USA to discuss your needs and order a machine.  Support and technical helps is only one call away!

  • Why Choose Thunder Laser Over Other Brands?

    Laser Machine Comparison


At the speed of light…

Thunder laser's C02 laser cutter and laser engraver are good for processing most of the non-metallic materials like: Cloth, Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, and Rostone.
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  • My wife and I have a CNC machine and I am pretty good with the software. We were wanting a laser for months and after researching, Thunderlaser fit our budget and desires. Although the laser is great, the service before and after the sale is what made out our minds up. Clay was very professional and informative. Clay is not one to pressure and he didn’t blow us up with emails and phone calls. He always went out of his way to answer any questions we had and very prompt.
    Running our laser is a breeze because of the CNC software is just nearly like the laser. It is a wonderful machine And we highly recommend the machine and Clay!

    David K. Avatar
    David K.

    Good service, quick delivery, competitive pricing on the laser. We've had ours running for ~3 months now with very little adjustment required to cut 1/4"-1/2" plywood for our robotics team, as well as acrylic of various thicknesses.

    Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.
  • I purchased the NOVA24, with some upgrades, in March of this year. Planning to use it to grow a new facet of my business, I was nervous to spend the money in a company, and a product, I knew so little about.

    I made the plunge.

    Clay has been a huge asset. Any time I have a question, I can call Clay and he helps guide me through the process. His help alone was worth purchasing a thunder laser.

    Outside of that, the product is phenomenal. I have operated other Chinese made CO2 lasers, and thunder has a great product.

    I recommend anyone to purchase their product.

    Jordan B. Avatar
    Jordan B.

    We purchased a laser from Clay and have been very happy. Clay spent a lot of time with us, and the support has been fantastic! Highly recommend Thunder Laser USA!

    Cathy T. Avatar
    Cathy T.
  • We purchased a Thunder Laser Nova 35 from Clay in September of 2018 and we have had absolutely no regrets. Clay has been helpful and informative every time we engage him and the machine has been amazing.

    We are happy Thunder Laser USA customers and when it comes time to add another machine into the mix we won't hesitate to buy from Clay again.

    Josh H. Avatar
    Josh H.

    Thunder Laser authorized agent in the U.S. Great partner and very responsible to customers.

    陈必勤 Avatar
  • We got our NOVA 51 Last year at this time as an addition to our CNC business. We had ZERO knowledge of laser engravers and where hoping for the best. Honestly have had very good luck with our unit. very simple to maintain and operate. RDworks software and all controls are the same as a friends BOSS unit and I still joke that I paid half as much for almost double the machine!!! Thanks Clay for all your help through the process!

    Craig Z. Avatar
    Craig Z.

    Clay was extremely helpful when I bought my Nova 24 about 6 months ago, he was very patient when I asked a bunch of newbie laser questions and helped out when I was having some technical issues. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

    Wayne M. Avatar
    Wayne M.
  • We recently purchased a NOVA 24 setup. Clay's package included everything needed to get started. We are happy with the build quality of the laser. Clay has been awesome with answering questions and being up front with everything. Highly recommended.

    Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.

    Purchased a Nova 35 in January. Clay was easy to work with and always responsive. The machine has worked great since we got it.

    Chad K. Avatar
    Chad K.
  • So I've had my Thunder laser about 2 was now. And this thing is a beast, it's done everything I've wanted it to do. Brian has been so helpful on anything I've asked. He's literally the Sheldon Cooper of lasers ..

    Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    Have bought 3x lasers from Thunder Laser. All of the them we setup in an hour or two from drop off and run great. Never had a single issue. Have bought other off brand imports and have had to literary thrown them in the trash. Thunder Laser is the only brand for us. Thank you so much for a great machine!

    Keith R. Avatar
    Keith R.
  • I've been using my Nova 24 for about 2 weeks, this thing is rock solid and just works out of the crate. I had a couple of questions related to setup and help from Brian Bell was terrific. The laser is built like a tank, speed is incredible and hard to get used to compared to my first laser. The other laser will most likely be sold as I can't see using it again. The Lightburn software that comes with the laser is excellent. Completely satisfied with this purchase so far!

    David M. Avatar
    David M.

    We bought a Nova 35 80 watt laser in March of 2019 and it has been flawless. I am very pleased with the quality of this machine. I reviewed and researched lasers for two years before I purchased.. I honestly do not believe you will find a better laser anywhere close in this price range... I find the quality to be professional grade... It's easy to tell that these are built with pride. The laser was perfectly aligned when it arrived. I found the set up was easier than I expected. I use the laser to cut out holster patterns... not only does it cut my patterns but it also marks my stitch lines saving me even more time... it does in ten minutes what it took me 3 hours and truly has increased my capabilities.. not to mention it has saved me from another carpel tunnel surgery... the head knife was wearing my wrist out. you can see my laser on
    The laser simply amazes me and the customer service from Clay has been excellent. If your in the market for a laser cutter, I highly recommend Both Thunder and Clay.

    Southerncharmholsters W. Avatar
    Southerncharmholsters W.
  • I've owned my Laser for about 8 months now and have had it running 12-16 hours a day. It has yet to let me down and has been a huge boost to my production.

    I did manage to burn out the power supply somehow, but Clay and Co. had a new part out to me within a few days and got me back up and running.

    I HIGHLY recommend this product line for anyone looking for a dependable mid-range laser that can withstanding a lot of abuse.

    Zack N. Avatar
    Zack N.

    I’ve had my laser cutter for about 5 months now, and I am so happy with my purchase. The laser arrived in a large wood crate and was shipped with care. Since receiving my laser Clay has been so kind and helpful and is always ready to answer any questions that may arise. I definitely recommend Thunder Laser USA!

    Raina N. Avatar
    Raina N.
  • Amazing machine, no real problems so far. I’ve had for about 3 weeks. Customer Service is amazing. I also own a Boss and the Thunder has so many more common sense features than the Boss. Air assist controls on the outside of the machine, rotary plug on the front inside instead of all the way in the back on the boss, much faster engraving speed, exhaust auto comes on and auto turns off. Should have went with thunder for my first one.

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Excellent sales and support. I couldn't be happier with Clay and Thunder Laser. I was very hesitant at first because A) I was spending a lot of money and B) buying a overseas laser. But the process was quick and easy.

    Colten H. Avatar
    Colten H.
  • I have had my laser machine for about eight months now. I was new to the whole laser machine business and Clay was very helpful with answering all my questions and helping me trouble shoot my problems. I am very happy with my machine and it’s performance. I would highly recommend thunder laser USA. The prices and quality are great.

    Kellie R. Avatar
    Kellie R.

    I bought a Nova 35 a year ago and am very pleased with the purchase! What I am most impressed about is first the Machine build. Everything arrived as it should have, packaged very well. The other thing that has impressed me is that any question I have had has been answered quickly and handled professionally. Clay has been amazing and a pleasure to do business with! As soon as my business has the need I will be buying another Thunderlaser!

    Del P. Avatar
    Del P.

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