Why Us?

Because We Have Redefined The Market For Enterprise-Grade Laser Engraving Machines.

Why Thunder Laser?

Our meteoric success hasn’t happened by accident. It comes from us getting on the same page as decision-makers who want the best value money can buy and who purchase to make their bottom-line shine. And that page – as short as it is – has zero-tolerance for anything but the highest score on ROI-centric considerations. Here they are the four biggies:

You Only Get What You Need.

Our response to that is a showstopper! We know that an enterprise-grade laser engraving system costs thousands of dollars, no matter which way you look at it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut thousands of dollars off the price by taking features you’ll never use out of the equation.

Our professional team will never oversell you; we guarantee it. Our product range contains all the ammunition to precisely match outstanding benefits to your exact needs. It’s why we can provide an engraving solution that’s up to 67% lower than any high-end competitor, without sacrificing quality results by one iota.

Todd T.
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After months of research we decided to buy a Nova 51 from Thunderlaser. The quality, capabilities, and US based support were key factors in our decision. We listened to the community and the people who have Thunderlasers and the overwhelming support for the platform changed our path and we're so glad we did. We didn't find a single negative review and those who have a Thunderlaser had nothing but high recommendations for the laser.

No Unnecessary “Sophistication” – You Get Simplicity.

Precision engraving machines open up a world of opportunities and creative options you may never have dreamed of. Thunder Laser USA users are actively involved in all aspects of engraving through forums, groups, and social media. Aside from endorsing the popularity of our systems, they form an excellent informal support framework.

But nothing beats our built-in support service.

It’s second to none and supersedes any 3rd party reference. There are two levels of support behind every machine we sell to make your customer experience nothing short of flawless:

Our Knowledge Base Support

Get quick and complete answers to most operational and engraving challenges. We provide a comprehensive library of relevant documents, downloads, troubleshooting guides, service bulletins, materials references, video tutorials, workflows, projects, and more.

Our one-on-one Help Desk.

As a Thunder Laser owner, you are one click away from our awesome expert support service. It will remotely guide you through a process efficiently, diagnose, and rectify technical issues if the Knowledgebase isn’t enough.


You’re in Good Company.

Our traction in the market and our accelerating momentum are thanks to anticipating this and the next question from the time we started business in 2010. The Dongguan Thunderlaser Industrial Company Limited, a worldwide and international leader in the laser engraving industry, backs our warranties.

Rest Easy With a 2 Year Warranty

Our customers are our most valued ambassadors. They rave about our product quality and features every day. We count Google, Harvard University, Columbia University, Fellowes Brands (manufacturer of office and technology accessories with 17 subsidiaries worldwide), a few of our distinguished clients. They, in particular, appreciate what it takes to represent state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. There are thousands of others that sing our praises. Our warranty covers the machine parts for two years and the consumables for one year.