The Sales Process

  • Contact us for a virtual live chat or direction phone discussion

  • Enjoy exclusive connection to one of our expert account managers

  • Respond to our detailed and structured questionnaire

  • Receive a focused, relevant, ROI-centric recommendation and pricing

  • One-on-one interaction with the account manager on all items contained in the recommendation

  • Clearly view the features you’re paying for, and the ones you don’t need

  • Explore the financing options in our comprehensive guidelines

  • Connect to the best after-sales service and help-desk in the industry

The Thunder Laser USA Contribution to Every Project

  • Our team is integral to you realizing an unsurpassed customer experience.
  • If you are a business, we are central to your engraving machine investment being ROI positive on every level - from design to output.
  • If you are a hobbyist, there’s no degree of customization that phases us.
  • In our book, there’s no such a thing as an unmovable obstruction. Only innovative solutions.
  • Our Proprietary technology and Cast-iron Warranty is legendary and much more significant than Thunder Laser’s USA representatives.
  • Our Expert Advice has the power to secure you significant savings as we demonstrate that you are only paying for what you need.
  • Our ability to match your needs to the right machine and accessories is why we lead, and you benefit from it.

Our Team - Transparent, Reliable & Competent

The Thunder Laser USA Undertaking

  • Our professional team stands behind every deal with our established technical expertise. We are acutely aware of your need for due diligence at every purchase level.
  • As part and parcel of working with an adhering to precise standards, we committed ourselves to an international laser engraving brand. Its compelling attractions are that it’s distributed in 17 countries worldwide and capable of enterprise-grade results at less cost.
  • Our ability to match model and accessory features to your exact needs gives us the confidence to secure you up to 67% discount versus equivalent competitors systems. We have proven that our machines can deliver strong investor returns with regularity.
  • We deliver complete purchase satisfaction, one customer at a time.