Choosing the Right Wood for Your Laser Cutting or Engraving Project

Wood is one of the cheapest natural materials available for cutting or engraving. One popular laser working application is tailored cabinetry. The tool has the ability to create breathtaking inlays that personalize your projects and really ignite the imagination. Before getting started with your upcoming wood engraving project, choose your grain carefully.  Two Key Factors to Consider When […]

Personalize Your Products with Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser engravers are some of the busiest professionals out there, particularly if they’re in the market for creating unique gifts. Practically every other day is commemorative of something these days. From International Women’s Day to World Heart Day, the number of holidays seems to be growing every year. Even without them, there are enough mainstream […]

27 Dec-2020

The 4 Best Laser Engraving Software Products

One surefire way to boost interest in products made with your Thunder Laser cutting and engraving machine is customization. From promotional items such as keychains and business cards to engraved wine glasses for special events and jewelry, our machines offer limitless options to unleash your creativity and expand your business. However, you also need reliable […]