20 Reasons Why Thunder Laser Is the Top Choice for Your Laser Cutting Needs

In the last few years, laser cutting machines have become accessible to the general population, instead of being solely the reserve of industrial entrepreneurs. The result of this, unfortunately, is a rise in cheaply produced laser cutting machines manufactured overseas and sold here at exorbitant prices. Our laser engraving machines are built to the highest standards. Read on to discover more about what makes Thunder Laser USA the top choice for your laser cutting needs.

1. Thunder Laser USA Is an Industry Leader

Being an industry leader doesn’t have to mean you’re one of the most expensive manufacturers or offering something overtly sophisticated. At Thunder Laser USA, we’re all about simplicity, efficiency and excellence.

Our laser cutting machines are designed especially for small operations that don’t require the unnecessary features that an enterprise-grade laser engraving system has. As such, we deliver the best quality engraving solution for your needs at a 67% lower cost than you’ll find anywhere else. The excellent rating we’ve received from customers on Trustpilot is just one example of our prowess as a manufacturer and supplier of laser engraving machines.

2. Our Laser Cutting Machines Are So Versatile

You’re guaranteed simplicity because we never sell a customer a laser cutting machine with features they won’t use. That said, there’s still so much you can do with this impressive piece of equipment. Due to a CO2 laser’s ability to cut through a variety of materials — in a variety of ways — you can be as much of a generalist as you like. Of course, if you’ve got a niche or specialty you’d prefer to focus on, that’s also a great way to use this impressive tool.

Some crafty creation ideas for a laser etching machine include:

  • Glass etching: Personalized glassware
  • Paper, metal, wood or acrylic cutting and etching: High-end business cards
  • Fabric, paper or metal sheet cutting: Low-cost customized jewelry
  • Cardboard and paper cutting and engraving: Celebration day invitations, such as anniversaries
  • Felt or leather cutting and engraving: Cute pillows
  • Acrylic laser cutting: Laptop and computer stands
  • Wood laser cutting: Children’s collectibles, toys and puzzles
  • Glass etching: Customized glass jars
  • Wood, glass, stone, ceramic or cardboard cutting and engraving: Drink coasters
  • Metal, wood or acrylic cutting and engraving: Key chains

3. First-Rate Customer Care

Our contact center is US-based and highly trained to offer exceptional customer support to every customer. Seeking help is never stressful, and every member of the team is just as passionate about the laser cutting process as we are!

When you’ve purchased your laser engraving machine, you’ll have access to two layers of support. On the one hand, you’ve got the one-on-one help desk that can walk you through setup processes and diagnose and fix technical issues if they arise. Additionally, we provide you with an entire library of support documents, troubleshooting guides, video tutorials, workflows, projects, material references and much more.

Something else to bear in mind is that you’re joining a community when you start using a Thunder Laser USA machine. You’ll find there are forums, social media pages, groups and much more where you can troubleshoot and bounce ideas off fellow engravers, cutters and etchers.

4. All Machines Are Secured With a Two-Year Warranty

At Thunder Laser USA, our customers are our top priority and the aspect of our operation we value the most. We want to make sure everyone who purchases one of our laser cutting systems is delighted with the quality of the product — and the service. If anything goes wrong, your machine is protected by a two-year warranty, so you can buy it with confidence.

As we manufacture our laser etching machines to such strict standards, the chances of anything going wrong are next to nothing. However, we believe it’s crucial that we provide clients with the peace of mind of a 24-month warranty.

5. We’re Diligently Ahead of the Curve

We’ve gone the extra mile by creating machines that are affordable for pretty much anyone who’s looking to start their own business. Industrial laser cutting machines have hundreds of features, many of which are useless on a small scale. However, our equipment is versatile enough that there are still a large number of ways you can put it to use. We are one of the first to offer quality machines that boast only the features you need at an affordable price.

That means you can also get ahead of the curve by starting a business with ridiculously low start-up costs and overhead. With the demand for small-batch artisan products increasing, there’s a huge market to sell to. The best thing about laser engraving is that the designs are computerized — so you don’t even need to be able to draw to make money with it. You’ll go through a small learning curve with inputting the files and setting up the machine, but it really is easy.

6. Thunder Laser USA Cutters Are the Best Value on the Market

Enterprise-grade laser cutting machines cost tens of thousands of dollars. They’re often huge and not very easy to get hold of, either. Thunder Laser USA machines only include features that SMBs will use — but still feature more options and settings than most companies would be able to use. Considering our machines are around 67% cheaper than what you could expect to pay anywhere else, you’re getting exceptional value for money.

The work laser cutters do is automated, which means you can create multiple products very quickly. As such, you can expect an extremely high ROI within weeks or months of purchasing the equipment and getting started.

7. CO2 Laser Cutting Machines Are Noncontact

Creating products from scratch can be a costly venture if you don’t look after the tiny details. Wastage on materials is one of the major costs you’ll need to be acutely aware of. The more industrious you are, the more money you’ll make. Our CO2 laser engraving machines include a laser that’s housed in a glass tube and pointed at the surface of the material.

Due to the nature of the laser beam, it never actually touches the substance you’re etching or cutting, so the chances of scorching or marking by accident are minimal. This means you won’t throw away excess material and the machine isn’t likely to cause damage that would make you need to start over again.

8. Laser Cutting Is Safer Than Traditional Methods

The fact that there’s no contact between the laser and the surface of the material means using a CO2 laser is one of the safest etching or engraving methods there is. This is particularly true when you think about how risky it is to use a blade for this type of job. A laser cutting machine is safe enough to install at home, and it requires a minimal risk assessment. Considering it’s such a fast way of etching, cutting or engraving, it’s also exceptionally safe.

9. Combined Experience

Our team has a combined experience that amounts to decades within the laser cutting and engraving side of operations, in addition to highly experienced customer service representatives. With every aspect of our business housed here in the USA, you can rest assured that every aspect of the process is tailored to give you the best experience.

10. Precise and Fast Engraving and Cutting

Of course, the main reason that Thunder Laser USA is the top choice for your laser cutting needs is that it’s fast and does an exceptional job. You can use our lasers to cut or engrave intricate and beautiful designs, signatures, slogans or brand logos.

One of the smartest uses for a laser engraving machine is to personalize clothing or other items for merchandise. There’s a growing trend for customization, with people wanting to express their personality through quotes and messages on the clothes they wear and the products they buy.

11. Create Amazing Merchandise

Whether you’re looking to start a business that specializes in merchandise or looking for a cost-effective way to create bespoke merch for your brand, a laser cutting machine is the solution. It’s easy to create and upload files to the laser cutter, which can be your logo or the logo or design given to you by a client. Once the laser has been programmed, you can sit back and let it do the hard work.

12. Speed Equals Productivity

Someone very experienced and skilled could probably realistically engrave up to 20 items per day — although this would vary significantly depending on the size and scope of the projects. With a laser cutting machine, you can easily get this number of etchings or engravings finished within two hours. As such, you can make a lot more money with a speedy laser cutter than you would be able to by pretty much any other method. Our motors are very fast, up to 1,000 mm/s or 39 in/s.

13. Create Consistent and Professional Products

Another advantage Thunder Laser USA machines have over other manufacturers or engraving by hand is that they’re consistent. One of the downsides of doing anything by hand is that speed tends to compromise quality. Our laser cutters never compromise quality, and they go at lightning speed! When you cut material such as acrylic or etch glass using a CO2 laser, the finish is perfectly professional.

14. Automate Manual Tasks

The reaction to automation from the general public is mixed. Some people are scared that machines are going to steal people’s jobs. However, with arduous manual jobs taken over by machines, people are free to do what they do best: come up with great ideas.

When a laser cutter is doing the hard manual work, your mind and hands are free to focus on growing your business and being creative. There are so many different ways to make money using a laser cutting machine, you’ll want to plan, prepare and experiment as much as possible.

15. No Mechanical Friction Means Our Equipment Lasts

When you’re a business operator, it’s crucial that you think about costs down to the finest detail. One of the reasons why the overhead with a laser engraving business is so low is because the equipment is so efficient and effective. The fact that it’s a noncontact process means your laser cutter doesn’t experience mechanical friction every time it’s in use. This is a huge bonus when it comes to keeping costs low because a CO2 laser doesn’t experience much wear and tear.

We’d recommend getting it serviced at least once a year to ensure it’s working in top condition, but other than that, it’s a low-maintenance piece of equipment.

16. You Can Configure One Machine to Perform Different Jobs

Although some people might want to focus on a niche and specialize in one specific type of product, Thunder Laser USA machines are highly adaptable. If you want to create a range of goods using different materials and laser techniques, you can program one machine to perform a broad array of tasks. This means that you can create key chains, coasters, T-shirts and glassware with your logo and a customized personal message — all using just one laser cutting machine.

17. Cut or Engrave a Wide Range of Materials

One of the reasons why CO2 lasers are so good is that they work with a broad range of materials. Although you can’t use epoxy, coated carbon fiber, HDPE, fiberglass, PVC or thick polycarbonate, you can use pretty much any other type of material.

Check out our guide on how to start a laser cutting business to see the list of materials you can use with one of our laser cutting machines. Plus, our support team and document library are always there to help if you have any questions about what the laser cutter can and can’t do.

18. You Can Mark Metal Using One of Our Laser Cutters

Although you can’t cut metal using one of the machines from Thunder Laser USA, you can mark it. This means you can create bespoke premium items using metals such as aluminum or magnetic sheet. In fact, as long as the metal is anodized or coated with a special substance, you can mark pretty much any type of metal using a laser cutter.

19. Thunder Laser USA Machines Etch Glass

One of the most elegant ways you can use a laser cutting machine is to etch designs in glassware. Of course, this is highly useful in the hospitality industry. Fine dining restaurants love getting their logo and name etched onto items such as napkins, coasters and glassware. In addition to having a huge market out there for this type of product, you can also create tailored glassware for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and milestone birthdays.

20. Top Companies Use Our Laser Cutting Machines

We’ve saved one of the best reasons to use Thunder Laser USA for all of your laser cutting needs until last. We count some of the biggest companies in the world as our happy clients, including Google, Harvard, Fellowes, Custom Litt and Salt River Valley Leather. Considering we only burst onto the scene in 2010, we’ve made a big name for ourselves internationally.

If you purchase a laser cutting machine from us, you’re joining the ranks of some of the most highly respected businesses in the world. It could also enable you to become a leading entrepreneur in your own right.

Enterprise-Grade Laser Machines for Half the Price

You won’t find engraving machines of this quality at a lower price anywhere in the world. Visit Thunder Laser USA today to learn more about our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines. Buy one today and start your own cutting, etching or engraving business to escape the daily grind and take control over your future.

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