RotoBoss Rotary

This roller rotary is our premier option over the Junior. The big difference between the RotoBoss and the Junior is that the RotoBoss has dual adjustment towers that allow for the most flexibility from small to large items.

Junior Rotary

This accessory will give users the ability to engrave on tumblers, bottles, glasses, and other cylindrical items.

Nova Chuck Rotary

This adjustable 3-jaw chuck is designed for batch marking tumblers, dowels, and other cylindrical items. Suitable for interchangeable machined parts and it can accommodate various complex and irregular objects.


This accessory projects a photo of the materials in your laser bed onto your computer screen in LightBurn. This allows for you to more easily align your designs onto your materials. If you are looking for a user-friendly process then this is the accessory for you.

4″ Head

This head is perfect for cutting thicker materials, with a larger field of view this beam carries its power further and straighter than its smaller focal counterparts. The flexibility of this head extends to engraving objects that are not completely flat. This is also a great lens for full wrap engraving on tumblers.

Hi-Res Head

With the High-Resolution Head you can engrave up to 1,000 DPI! Its design focuses the laser beam into a smaller spot size than the standard laser head which makes the engraving result more detailed. It is suitable for engraving high precision photos and it is also a good performer on 3D engraving.

Spare lens kit

This spare optics kit contains a 2” focus lens and 3 mirrors.