Ignite 2024
In-Person Training Event



November 8th-9th in Quitman, TX

We are excited to announce our very first in-person training event!

  • Laser Expert Speakers
  • Classes and Lessons
  • Hands-On Training
  • Socializing with Other Thunder Owners

What is Ignite 2024?

Ignite 2024 is an in-person training event. There will be laser expert speakers teaching lessons, hands-on training, and time spent with other Thunder Laser owners building relationships! Learn more about your machine, how to use it, how to market yourself, and more! This event is focused on our Nova and Bolt machines only.

Who are the speakers at Ignite 2024?

Chris Locascio - Thunder Laser USA

Owner of Legacy Lazer in Land O’Lakes FLA, House of Lasers YouTube and Thunder Laser USA’s Lead Trainer and also part of their tech support team. 


I have been running lasers for about 10 years now and started out knowing absolutely nothing. Never touched a CNC machine or design software, but having a mechanical background and playing on computer my whole life this whole process just seemed to click. I understood it from day one and then started pushing boundaries with its capabilities. Having a knack for keeping things straightforward and basic I found myself helping on Facebook user forums, explaining things in a way others seemed to understand. With that House of Lasers was born. So I could easily take the things I had been learning and share them on my channel to help further others knowledge. 


Fast-forward to today, working for and with Thunder Laser USA, helping grow their footprint in the American market and onboard their users to these amazing machines in a relatively seamless manner.
Most recently it was my pleasure to introduce the Thunder BOLT and head the onboarding training series and how to’s for that line of machines. 
From my shop in Florida I run material samples for future Thunder owners that are interested in a laser. I also run remote and on-site specialized training sessions and answer incoming support tickets for current owners. 
I always look forward to  helping users up their game in the industry, taking their skills, products and machine understanding to the next level. 

Recently retired with 24 years of global experience as an Systems Engineer, she has successfully led major capital projects across diverse industries, including high tech, aerospace, and oil & gas.  Her expertise lies in implementing cross-functional continuous improvement projects, focusing on performance & efficiency. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is driven to learn new technologies in the Laser Industry while also running her own business.  She runs her own home décor and gift business that utilizes a diverse range of lasers and woodworking equipment.  She is also active in the laser community helping others.   

  • Pate Ranch Creations
  • The Laser Lounge on Facebook

Hi, my name is Robert Kofoed. I’m the Owner/Operator of Computer Creations (established in 2000).

I live in Fallon, Nevada with my beautiful bride of 43 years (Hope). We’ve got one daughter/son in law and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I’ve owned and operated a business of some kind since 1981(side hustle). When Computer Creations was born back in 2000, we were running an onsite photography business. In 2010 we morphed into custom wood products and at the start of 2020 after I retired from a 40-year career with a local electric utility, I took my custom wood products full time and added lasers to be able to offer a much wider range of products.


Personal Story

  • Training others is one of my passions, one reason I started my YouTube channel Computer Creationz. I also offer one on one training sessions via zoom.
  • I love to have complete control of the creative process, from conception, design, and production. Thats what I love about the laser business! 90% of our business is custom. Working with clients to get that design just right is very rewarding to me.


Laser journey

Right after I retired, I ordered a 10-watt diode laser. Took me months to totally figure it out. At the time there was little content on YouTube to help. I Started using LightBurn at the end of 2019. Once I got the diode figured out, I was hooked. It created beautiful stuff, but it was way too slow for any production work. It was at that time that I had to have a conversation with my wife that I dreaded. We just spent $1200 on a diode laser setup, and it wasn’t going to work the way I wanted it to. Keep in mind I just retired, and income numbers were up in the air. After many agonizing hours of worry we decided to order a Thunder Nova24- 60-watt co2 laser (best decision we ever made). This by far was the biggest purchase we had made as a business.


Fast forward to today, sold the nova 24-60watt laser and upgraded to a Thunder Nova 35-100 watt, and newly acquired Thunder Bolt.


YouTube Channel “Computer Creationz”

Since I love to train, I share YouTube videos on LightBurn, laser operations and projects. I’m proud to say that since early 2020 my YouTube channel Computer Creationz has grown to 24, 463 subscribers and average well over 4000 hours of watching videos every month. My goal is to reach 30,000 subscribers by June 2024.


My business today

Mostly custom orders for all different types of tumblers, growlers, glassware, dog bowls. Unique custom wood products from 100% solid hardwood to Baltic birch projects, acrylic creations are one of my favorite projects. I like the unique one of a kind projects. I provide one on one training on Lightburn and the operations of Thunder Lasers via zoom and really enjoy this aspect of my business.


My inspirations

  • Taking something like a thought or idea and turning it into a product for a client.
  • Taking an idea from a client and delivering something greater than they expected.
  • Working with someone that is struggling with LightBurn or a project and providing them with the knowledge and skills to grow their ability as a laser business owner/operator.


There is nothing more rewarding than to see the reaction from someone when they realize that they can do this!

What topics will be covered?

When and where is Ignite 2024?

When: November 8th and 9th

Where: 321 Richards St. Quitman, TX 75783

Ignite 2024 will be November 8th-9th at Thunder Laser USA’s headquarters in Quitman, TX. Attendees will arrive on the evening of November 7th and return home on the morning of November 10th. Lodging and food are included in the ticket price.

How much will it cost?

Ignite 2024 will be $500 and that cost will include the following.

  • Event ticket
  • Lodging on the 7th, 8th, and 9th on-site in Quitman.
  • Lunch and Dinner on the 8th and 9th.
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Laserable materials for the hands-on training sessions.
  • Goody bag

What machines will be present at Ignite 2024?

There will be two Bolt machines and two Nova machines at Ignite 2024.

How many spots will be available?

There will be 15 openings for Ignite 2024 and they will be reserved upon payment – first come first served!

Can I cancel and get a refund if I am unable to attend?

You are able to cancel and get a refund as long as you do so before September 7th. A 3% cancellation fee will apply. Please do so by reaching out to sales@thunderlaserusa.com.

Have questions?

If you have any questions please email sales@thunderlaserusa.com

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