Leather Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

High-Quality Leather Laser Cutting with Thunder Laser USA

Thunder Laser USA can give you the technology necessary for making leather a top-selling product for your company. Leather is highly versatile and has plenty of uses, from practical applications like bags, wallets, shoes and horse saddles to collectibles like book covers, crafts and fashion accessories. The possibilities are endless, and our professionals are ready to help you see your dreams come to life.

With high-quality laser machines, you can produce a wide range of leather products and penetrate multiple markets instead of depending on only one customer base. This enables you to grow your company at your pace without having to wonder whether your machinery will be able to keep up with the demand. The limitations you face at this point are only your own creativity and your ability to show why your company’s products are superior to others.


How Does Laser Cutting Leather Work?

Laser machines use compressed carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium gases to produce a high-energy light that is a CO2 laser. It passes through the laser head, which contains a focal lens that concentrates the laser beam into a focused point. The machine then moves the laser head to trace the pattern or design that’s preprogrammed into its computing software. Essentially, the laser etches designs on leather by cleanly burning through its surface. This must be done with precision so your customers immediately notice the quality of the products you’re sending out to them.

With Thunder Laser USA machines, you can adjust the intensity or depth the laser will engrave on the leather but with more precision than an engraver could do by hand. You can create line patterns, customized drawings and high-precision cuts at rapid speeds without having to sacrifice quality. Truly, laser engraving is a must for businesses that wish to expand their services or product line to include customized leather products.

Whether you’re looking for a machine that can handle a single task at a time or one that can keep up with the demands of large orders, we have the right machine for you. Thunder Laser USA is ready to help you find the cutting, engraving or etching machine that’s best suited to your tasks so you can focus on the creative side of the matter and start to build your following throughout the United States or even the world.


Types of Leather You Can Process with Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

Whether raw or processed, leather is ideal for laser cutting and etching because the material gives way to laser cuts without singeing or burning excessively.

You can use the Thunder Laser USA laser engraving and cutting machine on the following types of leather:

  • Bonded or Reconstituted Leather: Synthetic leather made from leftover animal hide and fibers, it’s often used as upholstery in mid-range furniture.
  • Genuine or Corrected Grain Leather: This is any leather that has been buffed, sanded, colored or altered in any way to remove imperfections and produce a specific look for the leather.
  • Top Grain Leather: High-quality leather that’s thinner than full grain and therefore easier to work with. The topmost layer of the hide is sanded off to remove blemishes and later finished with an imitation grain to give the leather a uniform color and texture.
  • Full Grain Leather: This is considered the best quality and is the most expensive type of leather available. It contains the natural grain of the hide, including the marks and imperfections (which only add to its appeal). It’s very strong and durable and gets more beautiful (and valuable) with age.

Explore many possibilities and broaden your leather customization services with the Thunder Laser USA laser engraver that features top-notch CO2 laser engraving technology.


What Can You Do with a Leather Laser Cutting Machine?

Leather’s versatility is never more obvious than when processed through a laser engraving cutting machine. Those that handle projects at a high speed avoid the chance of errors that can happen, for example, if you’re trying to complete a DIY project by hand. CO2 laser technology does an excellent job of cutting through the layers of leather without causing damage beyond the lasered area.

There are many possibilities you can consider when you’re using a CO2 laser or fiber laser to work with leather. You can upload a jpg image to the program or find a large-format drawing you want to put onto the leather. The laser-cut precision makes these items look impeccable on the versatile medium.

Working with leather means you have to be careful not to scorch or burn the material. By using a Thunder Laser machine for cutting, etching or engraving, you have the safety net of specific heat dissipation. This enables you to get a high precision design in the working area without having to worry about burning the leather. This is similar to how these lasers work for wood cutting and woodworking.

Another benefit to working with one of our machines is that you can count on having the exact same design engraved, cut or etched into the leather time after time. The software program ensures the design remains consistent, something that can’t be done with a traditional hand router.

Expand your product selection with the following functions of our CO2 laser engraver or cutter:

  • Cutting: Cut out shapes to form patterns or trim leather according to a specific set of dimensions, sometimes through the use of CNC laser programming or AutoCAD programming.
  • Etching: Use laser power to make clean engravings that no longer require post-processing work. Besides leather, etching is viable on metal and non-metal materials, which can greatly expand your product offerings.
  • Marking: The most common type of personalization, laser-marking initials, special dates or quotes on leather is common practice among owners of premium leather products. They like to personalize leather products for themselves or as a gift for someone else. This can also be useful on products like suede, stainless steel, MDF, acrylic and similar materials.

Gain Significant Advantage with Thunder Laser USA Laser Cutter Machines

Get high-quality cuts and etchings from Thunder Laser USA’s line of leather cutting machines. You also get speed and cost-efficiency — CO2 lasers are energy-efficient and produce precisely uniform cuts and etches every time.

Besides offering cutting edge machines, Thunder Laser USA is invested in customer service. You’ll experience the difference from the initial contact to inquire about our product to well beyond the purchase and setup dates. When you choose Thunder Laser for a cutting machine or any of our other products, you can count on personalized service.

Quality output and speed — you get these when you invest in Thunder Laser USA technology.