Enterprise-Grade Wood Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

The versatility of laser cutting, etching and engraving technology has helped our customers in many different industries and product verticals produce fine art and crafts out of wood. From mass-produced items to single custom projects, being able to produce high-quality woodworking pieces is a priority for our customers. Thunder Laser is committed to helping each customer get the setup they need to thrive with their woodworking or other projects that can benefit from using one of our machines. Our customer service begins with your initial inquiry and continues after your purchase. We work hard to keep up our reputation, and that means helping you produce excellent products when you work with our lasers. The woodworking community has greatly benefited from the amazing advancements in cutting technology — specifically, with laser cutting machines for wood. Thunder Laser works hard to stay abreast of all the cutting-edge technologies and methods that can benefit our customers. While we do keep up with this technology, we haven’t forgotten how older methods, such as using a router, can produce the effects desired for a certain project. We regularly see projects where simple pieces of wood are transformed into rare pieces of art, from decorative shelving units, book covers and wooden toys to gorgeous wood panels in a newly constructed house. Your imagination and vision are the only limitations you’ll face when trying to come up with ideas for a woodworking project. If you’re looking for ways to diversify your products or expand your services, we can give you plenty of excellent ideas. We’re here to ensure you can make the most of the Thunder Laser cutting or etching machine you procure from us.

Laser Etchers for Wood Businesses

Thunder Laser USA gives small businesses and large-scale manufacturers the ability to make high-precision cuts and etchings on various types of wood materials. Wood is an exciting material to work with. Durable and highly customizable, it makes for excellent decorative products as well as highly functional items. It’s clear: Businesses that can make the most of raw wood materials have so much to gain. Our lasers enable you to do this in an efficient manner and without having to use older methods that might cause damage to the wood.

Ideas and possibilities won’t cross over to reality, however, if you don’t have the right tools. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide for a solution; you can find one right here at Thunder Laser. The versatility of our laser power cutters lets just about any vision become a reality.

We have seen our customers take raw pieces of wood and transform them into a variety of creative and highly marketable products. From simple designs to more intricate pieces, you can produce the look you want with one of our machines. Being able to set the program for the cutter or etcher enables you to produce multiple items with exactly the same design. The program is even useful to create one single item to be sure it has the correct design.

With the help of a Thunder Laser machine, you can do the same, too. Browse our wood laser etching machines and read up on the features you can install in your unit. We customize laser cutters to meet your production needs and keep the price as affordable as possible. But just because the process is affordable, that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. We realize that sharp cuts and high-quality etching are important to any company or individual handling woodworking projects.

Are All Thunder Laser Machines Capable of Producing High-Quality Wood Projects?

A laser wood cutting and engraving machine is no different than a machine that can be used for metal, acrylic, PVC, MDF, stainless steel and other metal and non-metal materials. It’s simply the same CO2 laser technology built into each of our machines that powers the cutting or engraving capabilities. Thunder Laser cutting and engraving machines are designed and built to excel with wood materials. Designed to deliver low heat so as to avoid unnecessary burning or scalding of materials, it enables you to have complete control over intricate wooden cuts and designs.

The CO2 laser technology gives you the versatility you need to meet any project requirements. While these lasers do get hot, there’s a reduced chance of scorching. This enables you to complete simple designs with one of our lasers. You can also set the program to create more intricate and involved designs without having to worry about the heat impacting the integrity of the wood or affecting the cut.

Laser cutting and engraving with wood material has been popular in businesses engaged in the production of novelty and custom craft items made from wood. We see customers who’ve purchased Thunder Laser machines constantly adding to their product lines as they discover new ways to customize wooden projects. There’s no limit to the intricacy and quality detail that Thunder Laser machines can deliver.

Using a Thunder Laser Machine on This Amazing Woodworking Project… Watch the Video:

Who will benefit from the use of a wood laser cutter?

Both hobbyists and professional arts and crafts designers are utilizing laser cutting, etching and engraving machines to transform their woodwork into masterful works of art. Professional artists, designers and custom furniture businesses are beginning to see the value of a laser machine and its ability to add value to each of their products.


What kind of projects can I handle with a laser cutting, etching and engraving machine?

Our laser machines can handle all types of wood in a wide variety of applications. We’ve compiled a brief list of things we see our customers design, cut, etch and engrave on a regular basis:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Custom furniture pieces
  • Decorative finishings for home, office or commercial interiors
  • Wooden toys
  • Models used by professional designers and architects
  • Decorations
  • Personalized gifts, tokens and promotional items made from wood
  • School supplies
  • Wood panels
  • Inlays
  • Fittings for shops

Can a laser wood cutter cause damage to wood?

In order to preserve the wood surrounding your cutting or etching project, it’s important to get the settings right. Refer to your owner’s manual or the additional support topics on our website for more information about getting set up correctly. Once set up correctly, there’s no danger of harming the wood surrounding your project cut or etch lines. This is the unique aspect of CO2 laser machines and their ability to work with great precision, unlike tools such as scroll saws and table saws.


Can a laser machine cut wood of all types?

Yes, a laser wood cutter is quite versatile and can work on varying types of woods with different thicknesses and densities. The type of wood and density will control some aspects of your project, such as speed and finish quality. Softwoods such as balsa obviously differ from hardwoods such as oak. Consult the details on your specific machine to determine maximum cutting depths to make sure it’s suitable for your projects.


What is the effect of laser engraving or laser etching on wood materials?

The effect of a laser wood cutter on a wood material is either brownish or white engraving. To avoid producing dark markings on the wood material during the laser engraving process, choose the low power setting at high speed.


Can you achieve a dark engraved wood product with a laser engraver?

Yes, dark engraving on the wood can be achieved provided the user follows the necessary adjustment on the settings. A test trial can be performed on a sample wood to determine the needed adjustment on the laser beam power to achieve a darker color.


Find the Best Laser Engraving Machine for Wood at Thunder Laser USA

The professionals at Thunder Laser are ready to help you find the CNC machine or DIY option that can help you to get your projects done, whether you need a machine with high power that can knock projects out quickly or one that enables you to produce the intricate details of custom projects.

Our professional staff members are here to help you find the machine that fits your work area and serves the purposes you need it to serve. We help you with everything from choosing the correct laser cutter or engraver to ensuring you know how to set up your project. We work with customers from large corporations down to entry-level individuals. Don’t waste time before contacting us so we can get you started as soon as possible!