Machine Tune-Up
On-Site Maintenance


Thunder Laser USA is in the descovery phase of potentially offering on-site preventative maintenance to our customers aka “tune-ups”. Please read through the description of what a tune-up will consist of. If this is something that you are interested in, please sign-up for us! This will help us get a gauge on the overall need for a service like this. Thank you for your help!

What is a tune-up?
Initial Inspection
  • Visual inspection for any physical damage or abnormalities.
  • Check for loose connections or cables.
  • Inspect the laser housing, gantry, and components for damage.
  • Verify and document the alignment of the laser system.
  • Check calibration of laser power and LPSU output. (Manual and Current Test)
  • Perform adjustments as necessary.
  • Inspect optical components for dust, debris, or damage.
  • Clean optics using appropriate cleaning materials and procedures.
  • Check for any signs of degradation or discoloration.
  • Inspect and clean the cooling system components.
  • Check coolant levels and top off if necessary.
  • Verify proper functioning of the cooling system.
  • Inspect power supply units for any signs of overheating.
  • Check electrical connections for tightness.
  • Verify the integrity of electrical cables and wiring.
  • Check the version of control software and firmware.
  • Update software/firmware if newer versions are available and recommended.
  • Verify proper communication between the software and laser system.
  • Check the status of consumables. (laser tubes, mirrors, lenses, beam combiner)
  • Ensure an adequate supply of spare parts is available.
  • Replace consumables as needed.
  • Conduct a test run to assess the laser system’s performance. (cuts, kerf, fill, and offsets)
  • Verify consistency of power output and beam quality.
  • Test any automated features or settings. (TL Timer manual test, check air, exhaust, and alarm)
  • Review and update maintenance logs and documentation.
  • Ensure that manuals and documentation are readily available on-site.
  • Provide any necessary training to operators on basic maintenance tasks.
  • Offer recommendations for optimizing laser system performance.
  • Address any user concerns or questions.
  • Gather feedback from operators regarding any observed issues.
  • Encourage reporting of any unusual behavior post maintenance.
  • Provide recommendations for future preventative maintenance.
  • Suggest any upgrades or modifications that may enhance performance
  • Wrap up
How much will a tune-up cost?

A tune-up will be $125 per hour. They will be limited to a 4 hour session minimum. Additional expenses for travel may apply.

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