Say "No" to Bad Support, Affiliate Programs, and Poor Machine Quality
No affiliates for us means more value for you!

At Thunder Laser, we don’t believe in affiliate marketing. These programs cost most regular users money, because prices must be inflated to account for the cost. Unless you are an “influencer,” these programs surely cost you money. Often, prices can be inflated by up to FIFTY PERCENT! Think about it, if the company pays you $500 every time you “refer” someone, how much of that is built into the price of the machine?

All high-quality parts means better engraving.

All of our lasers are industrial grade, unlike ones made of plastic or cheaper materials. These cheap, light materials will shake around when engraving, causing poor results.

Additionally, some hobbyist-grade machines aren’t well wired and break down frequently. Consider this, along with additional cost and time of upgrades that are often required.

No painful alignments.

All of our machines will arrive to you perfectly aligned. No painful adjusting required. Be up and running in no time! Poorly made machines often require periodic alignments. Our machines only come out of alignment in the event of a head crash.

We have US-based support. And it is FAST.

Just look at our reviews if you don’t believe us. We respond within minutes, often on weekends and holidays. It is our top priority to keep you up and running.

Be sure to check out the reviews on Google or Trust Pilot before purchasing. It’s usually better to buy once, cry once instead of risking a 500lb paperweight.

Get the most out of your money.

Lasers come in all types and forms. With price ranges from $500 to $100,000+, it can be hard to choose. Oftentimes, your budget determines how much machine you can purchase. And the more you spend, the better the machine.

At Thunder, we keep our margins thin and our marketing and labor costs down so you can rest assured you are getting the most bang for your buck.

1000+ Five-Star Reviews

It’s hard to be modest when your products are this good.

Our Bolt desktop laser machine combines a compact design with super high-quality parts.

Our Nova series laser cutter offers higher wattage and larger work areas.

Ready to speak to one of our Experts?

Getting started can be the most challenging part of any project. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your designs.

Open the box; pull out your machine; get to work. Engrave on wood, leather, acrylic, metal—let us know your materials of choice, and we’ll find the machine to match.

If you’re ready to upgrade your machine, take your business to the next level, or just create, we’re here to help.

Questions? Comments? Curious about our laser system technology? Schedule a call today. We actually answer our phones.