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17 Jun-2019

The Advantages of a Thunder Laser

Comparing laser cutting machines can be confusing. There is terminology to learn and there are features to consider, but what you plan to do with your machine is the most important factor.

Thunder Lasers provide the best features of high-end laser cutting machines at an accessible price point. Our manufacturing process is focused on quality, from the design up, so Thunder Laser machines will perform better, for longer.


Thunder Lasers are built to last. Designed with durability, each individual component passes rigorous quality inspections at every point in our manufacturing process. You’ll notice the difference when you compare our specs. Our powerful Servo Motors run at higher speeds to offer superior, sharper engraving results and super smooth, precise vector cutting quality.

The integrated Smart Board automatically senses and controls the machine’s internal temperatures, so that no matter how big or small your job, there’s no worry of overheating or damage to either your Thunder Laser or the material.

Every Laser Tube is individually quality tested by hand before installation. We use high-quality optical components combined with an auto-focus feature to ensure clean cuts, precise angles, and smooth results on every cutting job.


Features like automatic shutoff, one-button emergency stop, and Alarm Lamp indicators make Thunder Lasers safe to use, while our RDWorksV8 software offers features that our competitors don’t—like a large buffer memory, parameter library, and color mapping. Connect with either USB or ethernet, and interact with our large, easy-to-use LCD screens.

For increased design flexibility, the home position on a Thunder Laser isn’t a fixed point. Our range of available laser heads gives you a variety of options for whatever your creativity demands. With a number of cutting tables to choose from, there’s sure to be a Thunder Laser model perfect for your needs, no matter how demanding the project.


Thunder Lasers offer premium features at a competitive price point, the perfect choice for novices and experienced users. We back our systems with one of the best warranties in the business, including on-call tech support and superior customer service. If you experience any issues with your Thunder Laser, help is available by phone, email, or Skype. Fast responses mean you won’t suffer expensive and inconvenient downtime.


Contact us. We’re glad to help you choose the right Thunder Laser for your needs.