The Advantages of a Thunder Laser

Comparing laser cutting machines can be confusing. Not only is there terminology to learn and different features to consider, but you also have to take into account what you plan to do with your machine. There are tons of advantages of laser cutting, from increased speed and accuracy to higher levels of creativity and innovation. Of course, to enjoy these advantages, you need to go with a reputable brand.

Thunder Lasers provide the best features of high-end laser cutting machines at an accessible price point. Our manufacturing process is focused on quality, from the design up, which makes Thunder Laser machines perform better, faster and for longer. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of Thunder Laser machines.

Highly Versatile

Thunder Lasers aren’t “one-size-fits-all” — there are plenty of laser cutter products available, each one designed to meet the needs of different customers. Working with large materials? You might prefer the Nova 51, which boasts a bed size of 51 inches and can accommodate 4′ x 8′ material with a pass-through. Got a need for speed? You can’t go wrong with the Odin 22, which has an engraving speed of 2,000 millimeters per second. We even have a compact machine (the Mini 60) designed for those with limited space.

Each of our laser cutters is built with quality, efficiency and convenience in mind — no matter which you pick, you can rest assured it will elevate your company and products. Moreover, every laser machine supports different cutting methods and materials, which lets you get creative when it comes to content.

Better Accuracy

One of the biggest disadvantages of cutting your own material is that the cuts are not always accurate — the result is a lower-quality product and wasted material. Thunder Lasers aims to eliminate this problem by using technology to achieve straight, highly accurate cuts and a precision level of about +/- 0.0005 inch. Users can calibrate the lasers to their desired intensity, achieving the exact depth they desire.

So how exactly do Thunder Lasers create their high-quality cuts? Our laser cutters are CNC machines, or computer numerical controlled machines — in essence, the laser is operated by computer programs. They also feature an autofocus lens that can pinpoint the exact spot of the cut. With more accuracy, you can enjoy:

  • Fewer manufacturing mistakes
  • Improved consistency and uniformity
  • Higher-quality products

A Thunder Laser machine can greatly improve your services, reducing costs in the long run!

Increased Speed

One of the best functions of Thunder Lasers is their sleek speed. In just one minute, a standard laser cutter can cut about 8 meters of material — a 1,000 watt machine can even reach rates of 17 meters per minute. Why exactly is speed important? Well, not only does a higher level of speed boost productivity and output, but it also allows you to complete more projects with fewer staff.

What makes Thunder Lasers especially unique is that we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Our users enjoy swift, powerful laser cutters that can complete projects in minimal time, and they don’t have to worry about shoddy work or inaccurate cuts. For those with especially high-speed needs, we offer a LeadShine HBS57 Closed-Loop stepper motor that can achieve engraving speeds up to 39″ per second!

Cost-Efficient Products

Running a business, whether it’s a large company or your own small business operated from home, isn’t cheap. At Thunder Laser, we don’t want to add to those costs — rather, we aim to reduce them by boosting your cost efficiency when it comes to products. Some things our machines can help you accomplish include:

  • Better safety
  • Less wasted or tainted material
  • Increased output
  • Decreased labor costs

We pride ourselves on the safety of our machines — each one comes equipped with alarm lamps to let you know when the project is completed, as well as a smart board that automatically operates the exhaust system. You can rest assured your machine is safe and focus that energy on improving your business!

With the precision and speed of our machines, you can trust that each item you create is high in quality and function. Every element of our machines, from the honeycomb beds and pass-through doors to the red dot pointer and water chiller, work together to make the manufacturing process simple and effective.

Competitively Priced

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying a laser cutter is the cost — there’s no question a laser machine is a hefty investment. Thunder Lasers strive to reduce the cost — without sacrificing quality — by offering premium features at a competitive price point, the perfect choice for novices and experienced users. Enjoy expert-level Thunder Lasers without having to break the bank!

Of course, whenever you make a substantial purchase, it’s normal to wonder: What if something goes wrong? Whether you have a question about operations or need a repair, you can trust our team to be there for you. We back our systems with one of the best warranties in the business, including on-call tech support and superior customer service. If you experience any issues with your Thunder Laser, help is available by phone, email or Skype. We pride ourselves on our fast responses, which help ensure you don’t suffer expensive and inconvenient downtime.

Ready to Learn More? Get a Laser Cutter Today!

From the high-quality craftsmanship and numerous features to the impressive precision and affordability, there’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to Thunder Lasers. Our mission is to help everyone achieve the results they’re looking for, no matter the difficulty of their project or the depth of their wallet. Not only can we answer any of your questions about our laser cutters, but we can also assess your needs and make an expert recommendation. Contact us today to get the best laser cutter for your needs!

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