Thunderstruck’s Laser Showdown: Thunder Nova 63 vs. OMTech 60w

If you’re in the market for a powerful laser engraving machine, you’ll want to know how different models stack up against each other. In the video below, YouTuber and laser engraver, puts the Thunder Nova 63 and OMTech 60w to the test!   

Key Findings:

Build Quality: Thunderstruck praised the Thunder Nova 63 for its superior build quality, metal construction, and gaskets.

Precision: The Nova 63’s accurate laser dot system and built-in air assist contributed to its higher precision, in contrast to the OMTech’s lack of precision.

Customer Support: The Thunder Nova was noted for its strong customer support, while the OMTech fell short in this area.

Additional Features: The Nova 63 comes equipped with a honeycomb bed, knife bed with movable knives, and a parts tray for retrieving cut parts, adding to its overall appeal.

After comparing the Thunder Nova 63 and OMTech, Thunderstruck concluded that the Nova 63 is the superior laser engraving machine. With its better build quality, precision, and additional features, it’s the clear winner in this showdown.  

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