Timing is one of the main obstacles that hold our customers back from pulling the trigger on a Thunder Laser. The two main factors that create pause are the machine’s lead time or the customers timing for funds or space.

Lead Time

Lead time is the amount of time it takes from order to delivery. Most of our machines are in stock and are delivered within three weeks. Our direct competitors have lead times that often surpass 4-6 months.

Bad Timing: Saving Funds

Many customers are not ready to make Thunder Laser purchase, because they do not have the funds accessible. They will end up saving money until they can pay for the total machine cost in cash. While this can be a great idea, there is also something to be said about getting the machine as soon as possible. You know how the saying goes…”time is money”. The sooner you receive your machine, the sooner you can learn it and start making money. We would recommend looking into financing options to at least see what you have at your disposal.

Bad Timing: Limited Space

Having the proper space available for your Thunder Laser is very important. We have created an example layout diagram for each machine detailing how much space you would need for each machine.

We often hear that customers hold off on ordering a machine until they have enough space for the Thunder Laser that they are wanting. Keep in mind, our machines will work in a spare bedroom, garage, shop, warehouse, and pretty much anywhere else you have space. Now, there are some limiting factors to consider with some of those options so be sure to speak with your sales representative about those. Another thing to consider is that you can purchase a machine and then have the shipping delayed until your space is ready.

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