19 Mar-2021

Thunder Laser vs Aeon Laser Cutting Machines

My name is Alisha and I live and work in Friendswood, Texas, creating high-quality handcrafted, personalized woodworking and etching and leather crafting and tooling. Comparing Thunder Laser and Aeon laser cutting machines is something I’ve been asked to do by a million different people. The differences are subtle, as both have three mirrors and one […]

27 Dec-2020

The 4 Best Laser Engraving Software Products

One surefire way to boost interest in products made with your Thunder Laser cutting and engraving machine is customization. From promotional items such as keychains and business cards to engraved wine glasses for special events and jewelry, our machines offer limitless options to unleash your creativity and expand your business. However, you also need reliable […]