Personalize Your Products with Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser engravers are some of the busiest professionals out there, particularly if they’re in the market for creating unique gifts. Practically every other day is commemorative of something these days. From International Women’s Day to World Heart Day, the number of holidays seems to be growing every year. Even without them, there are enough mainstream […]

30 Mar-2021

Designing for Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machines are outstanding tools for hobbyists and budding businesspeople alike. Not only can you create stunning artisan products with clean, neat finishes from your own home, but you can also use them for prototyping. No matter what application you choose, the process of designing for laser cutting and feeding them into the machine […]

26 Mar-2021

Laser Cutting Project Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Have you ever come up with an idea and wondered what it would look like in reality? The ability to create something original from just your imagination was previously unheard of. However, the development of technology is changing that.  Laser cutting involves using light from electromagnetic radiation to cut materials — the laser cutter directs […]