19 Dec-2020

Prevent Burning and Scorching When Laser Cutting

One of the skills CO2 laser engravers and cutters need to master is trying to avoid creating scorch marks on the edges of the engraving. With some materials, no matter where the focus of the laser is, burn marks are inevitable. However, by using the right substrate and carefully following guidance, you can keep time-consuming […]

25 Nov-2020

Comparing Laser Cutting Vs 3D Printing

Whether you’re creating products to sell or making items for your own home, you might be thinking about getting a laser cutter or 3D printer to expand your options. Either machine can be used to make one-of-a-kind art or unique prototypes for future production. Both laser cutters and 3D printers have creative and practical applications, […]

15 Nov-2020

CO2 VS Fiber Laser for Laser Cutting

Advances in technology mean that manufacturers have to look into how they can evolve their systems to include the latest technology so they can remain competitive. For manufacturers who rely on laser cutting, trying to determine whether they’ll fare better with a fiber laser vs a CO2 laser cutting system is an important decision. There […]