15 Ways to Use Laser Cutting Machines for Holiday Decor

One of the most fun and festive ways you can use a laser cutting machine is to create laser-cut decorations for Christmas. Everyone loves updating their home decor around the holiday season and we all adore sharing gifts, so it’s a great market for a small business owner to tap into. From wall decorations to wood crafts and custom laser-cut Christmas gifts — the possibilities are endless.

Read on to discover our high-quality handmade gift ideas to give you inspiration for what to create using your new laser cutting tool.

1. Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of the true joys of the Christmas holidays is decorating the Christmas tree. You can create decor for uniform, minimalist-style trees — such as snowmen, snowflakes and silver, gold and red laser-cut acrylic decorations. Additionally, for people who prefer a more traditional look, you can create wood cutout angels, wise men, Santas and reindeer.

Because you can cut foil using a CO2 laser, you can also make billowing tinsel in every color of the Christmas rainbow, in addition to flowing fairy’s hair to hang on the trees. You can even create cutout stars and candy canes to hang on the tree.

Laser cutters work with a variety of materials, from cork to aluminum and acrylic. As such, you can create something to suit every style and color scheme. Christmas tree ornaments are unlikely to ever go out of fashion,

2. Laser-Cut Wood Figurines

It’s not just laser-cut ornaments that you can make using a laser cutter; you can design and make festive figurines. Children love playing with themed toys around Christmas, and parents love teaching their kids about the story of Christmas using nativity scenes.

As a technician, you draw your design with easy-to-use software and then upload the 2D image into the laser cutting machine. The tool then does all the hard work, at speed, so you can make a lot of laser-cut wooden figures within the space of a few hours. This efficiency is one of the main reasons a CO2 laser is such a great method of production and manufacturing.

3. Personalized Christmas Tree Decorations

One of the hottest trends in the market right now is customization. People love getting products with their name, logo or brand included on them. Personalized Christmas decor is fantastic for kids and adults alike. Children will love seeing their name written on their favorite Christmas decoration, and adults can add a quote, their name or a design that captures their personality.

4. Laser-Cut Christmas Trees

With more people than ever living in apartments, sometimes it’s just not practical to get a huge, natural tree into the home. Laser cuts wood and acrylic, so custom-built Christmas trees are another great option for a laser-cut decoration that’s easy to make and that there’s a huge market for.

Laser cutters engrave and etch in addition to cutting, so you can add elaborate designs or personalization to each tree. Alternatively, you can create simple, plain designs at scale and make a serious amount of Christmas cash.

5. Christmas Wreaths

Few things look and feel as Christmassy as a wreath hung on outside the family home. Every year, millions of Americans dutifully hang a Christmas wreath on their doors — and in many cases these days, people buy a new one each year. You can cut a wreath using paper, cardboard, aluminum or plastic and then tie in as many additional elements as your target market would prefer.

6. Wall Art

Woodworking used to be time-consuming, so creating wall art for Christmas was the reserve of people who had honed their drawing and design skills for years. With a laser cutting machine, there’s very little artistic skill required. Provided you’re creatively minded enough to come up with ideas and use the 2D drawing software (which takes no time to learn), you can make wall art that rivals accomplished artists’ designs.

7. Greeting Cards

Most people send out at least 10 greeting cards for Christmas, and in many cases families send out significantly more to their friends and relatives. Laser cutting machines work fantastically with cardboard and paper, letting you cut elaborate designs at high speeds. There are so many ways you can make your festive greeting cards unique, from embossing them to adding pop-up scenes in the middle.

8. Wooden Christmas Name Signs

Christmas is a time when children feel extra-special and adults get to express their appreciation for the past year by decorating their homes and making their nest extra-cozy. It’s the perfect way to make it through the coldest winter months in a loving and happy manner. Lots of families get Christmas name signs to hang above their stockings for Santa. You can look into the most popular U.S. names and make signs for the ones that will sell.

9. Snowman Wood Ornaments

Snowmen capture the imagination of children around the world, and they make cute ornaments you can easily create using a laser cutting machine.

10. Wall Decor

At Christmastime, most people completely update their wall decor — adding cutouts of bells, snowflakes and stars. It’s easy to make these designs from cardboard or laser-cut acrylic.

11. Christmas Balls

You’d struggle to find a household that doesn’t decorate their Christmas tree using ball-shaped ornaments. There are plenty of nifty ways you can design cutouts for 3D shapes using a laser cutter.

12. Gift Boxes

People love giving and receiving handmade gifts, but putting them into adorable handmade gift boxes can take the experience up a notch. Create boxes with beautiful patterns or designs etched onto them and sell them at premium prices.

13. Gift Tags

Gift tags are an essential part of Christmas because they help everyone find their gifts! You can be creative or classic when designing these, but we’d recommend making a wide range of different styles.

14. Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflakes are elegant and beautiful, and lots of people hang ornaments in their homes during the winter season.

15. Key Chains

Festive key chains are a great way to flex your creative muscle because there are so many possibilities for designs. Customization is an excellent idea, so make sure you give clients the option to add their name, picture or logo to their key chain.

Start Creating Christmas Ornaments Yourself

If you’d like to tap into the lucrative Christmas market, invest in a laser cutting machine from Thunder Laser USA and start making laser-cut Christmas decorations.

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