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Roll with the flow. Our collection of rotary products allows you to seamlessly engrave, cut, and etch on cylindrical surfaces with speed and precision.

Installing a rotary roller in your laser engraving machine saves you production time and increases output quality for cylindrical glass, wood, or metal products. Let’s rock and roll.

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Have a project involving glasses, bottles, or other cylindrical items? Make engraving along a rounded edge easy with the Junior. Install this roller rotary in your Nova or Odin laser machine.

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There aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when you start a big engraving project on a rounded material like pint glasses or water bottles. Shave time off your project timeline by adding the RotoBoss to your Nova laser machine, speeding up production by hours, days—even weeks.

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Designed specifically for the Bolt desktop laser machine, the RotoBolt allows you to easily engrave on tumblers, bottles, glasses, and other cylindrical items.

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Aurora Chuck Rotary

Need help powering through a big batch of orders? The Aurora Chuck Rotary will get you through batch marking and engraving on metals, tumblers, rings, and other cylindrical items. Suitable for interchangeable machine parts, it can accommodate various complex and irregular objects.

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Your creations are unique, so your machines should be, too. Our enterprise-grade accessories allow you to customize your machine to fit your needs.

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Bolt, Nova, Odin, and Aurora. Four machine types with different models to match your creativity. Get the perfect machine to match your favorite accessories.

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