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    I researched CO2 lasers from many manufacturers for about 8 months. My wife wanted me to get a Glowforge ... but I was finding lots of issues with them. When reading Facebook groups & internet forums, one name kept popping up: Thunder Laser USA. What really intrigued me wasn't the Thunder Laser users singing their praises, it was owners of other brands saying my next laser will be a Thunder Laser...I feel Thunder Laser USA's Nova series are as good as any of the higher priced units built in the USA & much better than all the Chinese Clones but the overwhelming advantage Thunder Laser USA has is their US BASED tech support ... You won't be disappointed with a Thunder Laser.

    • Gary W. Purchased a Nova 35

    Products Made with Thunder Laser

    Below are just a few examples of products that have been made with Thunder Laser machines.
    • Bad ass laser mug